Smarter inventory management for growing manufacturing business

Tranquil inventory management software is perfectly suited to businesses in the manufacturing industry who require an accurate finished goods cost. Product assemblies, costed purchase orders, multi-currency,
and advanced reporting are just a few of Tranquil’s powerful features which make this possible.


Pre-builds can combine materials and labour, materials only, or labour only as a single billable item to appear on jobs, quotes and invoices.


Tranquil lets you seamlessly split sales into multiple shipments. Get what you do have out the door to the customer, and simultaneously order the balance. Ship the remaining items when you’re ready to complete the sale at a later date.

Bundling (Kitting)

Inventory kitting, also known as ‘product bundling’, is the process of grouping, packaging, and selling usually-separate items together.

Software Built for Manufacturing

Manufacturing needs an inventory management software that can provide an accurate cost for finished goods. Get clear visibility of your profits and margins for your manufacturing business today.