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Using Tranquil ERP software easily track employee hours and costs and export timesheets for seamless payroll processing.


Tranquil ERP Software for Service Management
Tranquil ERP Software for Service Management

To improve profitability and build robust relationships with customers, it is imperative that you offer product support, maintenance contracts, and warranties, helping customers care for their products after purchasing them.

Whether you’re a service company that deals with the installation of systems and maintenance or repairs, or a construction company with technicians and other skilled workers on the field, you need to match the right technician to the job. Effective scheduling of service personnel is crucial if you want to deliver the best results to your customers.

Manual systems can be clumsy and awkward, and you may end up making numerous errors like assigning the wrong person, assigning too many to one job, or failing to assign resources for some tasks. Tranquil service management software can ease your worries with automated assigning and scheduling of tasks.

You can be sure that your customers will not have to face delays, leading to happy customers. Provide services quicker and reduce the cost of services, with our service management solution. Our solution is a comprehensive, integrated one that handles every activity related to service, like service orders, service quotations, dispatching field service, managing installations, preventive maintenance, managing service contracts, spare parts inventory, resource planning, call handling, managing warranties, and so on.

Tranquil business service management software offers complete visibility into service activities through all its stages, along with the associated costs. Manufacturing companies can plan and coordinate with installation specialists, FSEs, and other resources related to service.

Field service employees and service representatives can access critical information in real-time as it is a cloud-based system. This helps them make critical business decisions when they are away from the office and in the field.

Tranquil business service management solution unites strategy, objectives, policy, and other elements of planning, all the while maintaining high standards of service delivery in every operation. These are the important features of Tranquil Service Management Software.


    Stay on top of every job from first contact to final invoice, and everything in between.


    Allocate and notify the right person for the right job, with a simple drag and drop.


    Take complete control of your inventory, no matter where it’s located.

  • Inventory, no matter where it’s located. PROJECT / JOB COSTING

    Track every project / job cost – labour, materials, expenses, supplier orders all in real-time.

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Centralized Information

Our software centralizes company-wide data into a single database, allowing every department to be on the same page. With contracts, budgets, schedules, sub-contracts, opportunities, and change orders. There is no redundancy of data; it is accurate and up-to-date. As the information is regularly updated, all stakeholders have clear visibility into the status of each project.

Enhanced Communication and Collaboration

Tranquil service management software offers numerous tools to facilitate communication and collaboration between departments, enabling everyone to understand their roles and responsibilities, overall goals, and deadlines clearly.

Easier Project Management

Break down complex service projects into smaller, manageable chunks like tasks and jobs, and assign responsibilities to relevant personnel. Allocate funds, equipment, and any other resource that is required to get the job done. Set deadlines, milestones, and budgets, and track the progress of the project to determine whether it will be completed on time and that it does not overshoot the budget. We can encapsulate project management features like this:
·         Budget and schedule tasks and jobs easily
·         Eliminate informational and team silos
·         Faster greater teamwork and coordination
·         Track time with timesheets and record billable hours
·         Generate reports based on different categories
·         Get actionable insights to improve productivity and boost growth

Stay One Step Ahead

Identify potential bottlenecks and how they may impact the progress of your project, and hit your budget. Take timely remedial action to neutralize those impacts. Get visibility into any pending activities with the project overview, track every step, and give approvals quickly.

Financial Accounting

Manage cashflows effectively, make budgets and allocate funds to various heads like raw materials, equipment, wages, etc. Use a single unified system in place of disparate systems and save time, cost, and effort, and have a better quality of data – that is complete, not duplicated, or missing. Keep track of your accounts payables and receivables and ensure timely payments. Calculate your tax liability accurately, and make payments within stipulated deadlines to maintain compliance with Government regulations on Finance and Tax.

HR and Payroll

Maintain detailed records of employees, including contact information, date of joining, roles, responsibilities, duration in a specific role, appraisals, promotions, rewards, and more. Track their attendance, leaves, vacation days, and hours worked, calculate the wages owed to them accurately and swiftly, and ensure that all employees are paid in time.

Inventory Management

Whether you are providing services like installation and management of systems, or engaged in a large construction business, you will have an inventory – of raw materials and accessories that will be consumed in your projects. It is a critical element in your business and has to be managed efficiently to ensure maximum returns. Tranquil service management solution helps you maintain optimal inventory to prevent disruption in your workflow, while keeping carrying costs low. It can track inventory levels and alert you when it's time to reorder, help you calculate the ideal time and quantity to purchase, and a whole lot more.

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