Stay on top of what has been ordered, when it should be received and how much it costs with Tranquil’s purchase module. It automates and streamlines all purchasing procedures and allows you to take charge of material and other expenses.

Manage Purchase Order
Manage Purchase Order

Automates the entire process of Purchase- from Creating PO in currency of your supplier’s deals in, and set your own goods measurement scale.
Monitor the status of approve/verify from managers, receive the goods fully/partially, convert to invoice fully/partially, validate the purchase return with PO, email instantly and more with just click of a button.

Export all Purchase documents as PDF or even sent mail straight from Tranquil to your suppliers.

Additionally, Tranquil Procurement Management Software gives on page information of PO status, GRN status and purchase invoice status so you can save time for searching/monitoring each PO.

 Supplier Management
Supplier Management

Get a complete snapshot of your suppliers details with a detailed history of transactions.

Manage your suppliers details, set credit limits, and attach documents. Tranquil automatically deactivate suppliers when registration expiry date triggers.

Auto Order
Auto Order

Tranquil Procurement Management Software automatically populate list of items that reaches minimum level by setting up the minimum quantity in the product master.

You can create a purchase order from the auto-reorder screen by just one click.
Never have too much or too little stock again.

 Landed Cost
Landed Cost

Accurate gross margin on every unit of stock using advanced landed costing options.

With the easy addition of extra charges while receipt of the goods you will now have accurate cost prices calculated for you across all your inventory.

In Tranquil Procurement Management Softwrae,track as many landed costs as you require — there is no practical limit. Commonly used landed costs include: custom duty, brokerage, freight, insurance, storage and many more

This allows you more accurate reporting and better cashflow management.
The landed cost can be distributed automatically to each line of item with 3 ways such as equal, price and quantity.

Supplier Wisely
Choose Your Supplier Wisely

Tranquil records entire purchase history and provides you detailed item wise purchase report.

Thus Procurement Management Software allows you to minimize the financial losses, powering intelligent decision making and access to comprehensive vendor information.

Thus, it increases your confidence in the selection of the right suppliers

 Supplier Payables
Supplier Payables & Bills

When you are ready to pay a supplier, you can use the supplier payments feature to easily see how many unpaid orders you have from a specific vendor. Then create a payment transaction either fully or partially or even in advance.

Tranquil handle multiple options to pay and track supplier payment.
Once you made the payment you can notify your suppliers via Email straight from tranquil, letting them know their payment is on its way.