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Mechanical Contractors
Mechanical Contractors

With Tranquil ERP Software, you can efficiently manage every aspect of your mechanical contracting business, without duplicating data entry or effort. You will have more time to manage your business, serve your customers and build more profitable projects

Service Management
Service Management

Most of the time, field service operations get delayed because of the lag in scheduling jobs to technicians. Tranquil offers technician scheduling module that ensures trained technician is assigned to the job to maximize the deliverability rate.


Efficiently manage your distribution process with system-wide inventory control and effective inventory management software - including real-time access to inventory in transit, available inventory, and inventory costs.


Tranquil inventory management software is perfectly suited to businesses in the manufacturing industry who require an accurate finished goods cost. Product assemblies, costed purchase orders, multi-currency, and advanced reporting are just a few of Tranquil’s powerful features which make this possible.

General Trading
General Trading

A trading business needs the most flexible and agile industry-specific trading ERP software solution to run a profitable business in a competitive market. Speed is the key to success in the trading business. Therefore, having a reliable ERP Software Solution for trading and distribution industry is mandatory for sustainability.

Get Faster Results from your Manufacturing ERP

Any business would be better off with a flexible ERP solution that delivers quick ROI rather than a solution that necessitates excessive time and money to be customized. Tranquil ERP ensures that your operations become more streamlined and efficient.

Let’s join hands to improve quality and make your business more profitable.

Tranquil is a Lot more than Just an Other ERP Solution

Your unique business requirements necessitate a tech provider with specialized knowledge of your industry. Someone with expertise in crafting cutting-edge manufacturing solutions that are flexible enough to be suitable for any industry. When you partner with Tranquil, you can leverage our rich experience and stellar expertise to drive business growth and accelerate your success story.

Regardless of your business model and the processes you run, Tranquil ERP is flexible, offering a wide range of tools that help you strategize, record, monitor, and regulate your output. Tranquil ERP is deployed on the cloud, allowing stakeholders to access critical information through any device with an internet connection, at any time or place. Tranquil allows you to run your operations smartly no matter where you are.

Manufacturing ERP Software Built for your Industry


Usher in flexibility and navigate the uncertainties of the future path

Manpower Supply

Manage manpower supply efficiently and seamlessly, providing qualified manpower that fit your client’s requirements when they want


Automate and streamline your processes, expand your business, and build your value chain

VAN Sales

Efficiently manage inventory, prevent spoilage, promote new products, supplement daily sales and improve customer satisfaction


Deliver cutting-edge products, and outstanding service, eliminating delays

General Traders & Contractors

Gain operational insights, and be flexible to maintain your competitive edge in a dynamic environment

Food and Beverage

Meet compliance requirements for product traceability, secure your supply chain, and indulge in gastronomic innovation.


Get a 360-degree view into your supply chain, stay on top of demand fluctuations, and surge ahead of your competition.


Ensure seamless production and meet demands in time, improving service and speed.

Mechanical Contractors

Manage projects flawlessly, meeting deadlines and staying within budgets.


Achieve environment-friendly operations, ensure high inventory turnover, and manage your supply chain stringently.

Professional Services

Automate, Integrate, improve transparency, and provide high-quality services, completing projects within deadlines

How Tranquil ERP Software Provides Solutions For your Industry Challenges

  • Enables more efficient planning and scheduling
  • Generates precise quotes swiftly
  • Creates accurate BOMs
  • Reduces time to market
  • Controls quality more efficiently, and improves
  • Enhances materials planning management
  • Efficiently handles challenges
  • Takes care of work in progress
  • Adheres to regulatory compliance
  • Manages returns better
  • Simplifies complex pricing
  •  Enables supplier call-off orders

Manufacturing and Distribution ERP software built for your Industry

Manufacturers and distributors have realized the immense potential of technology to bring in business disruption. Think about Smart Manufacturing and ensure that your manufacturing adapts to change and handles innovation with elan. Get all the information about your process in real-time where you need it and when, and be empowered to take informed decisions.

Artificial Intelligence

We leverage ML and AI to deliver an enhanced user experience to organizations. Make more accurate sales forecasts and be future-ready.

Big Data

Get cutting-edge tools and technologies to record, monitor, analyze, and process your big data, and get access to critical information whenever, wherever.


By leveraging NLP, ML, and AI, chatbots can integrate with your existing systems to engage in real-time conversations with users, providing answers to common queries, and redirecting complex ones to human agents.

Cloud ERP

Tranquil ERP is deployed in the cloud – which means less infrastructure layout for you; no fuss, no mess, and regular updates without hassles.

Internet of Things

Leverage the computing power of IoT with Tranquil ERP; connected devices help you manage inventory and equipment more efficiently.

Mobile ERP

Maintain control over your processes on the go; Tranquil mobile ERP puts all the power in the palm of your hand.

Social ERP

Get everyone in the organization on the same page, enable tight collaboration and meaningful engagements with our social ERP.


Get support for your entire manufacturing life-cycle and get comprehensive visibility into your production.