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Tranquil ERP Services in UAE

Enterprise Resource Planning software facilitates the streamlining and automation of business processes, helping companies to cut costs, and be more efficient and productive. If you want to gain and retain a competitive edge, you need a robust, flexible, and scalable ERP solution – like Tranquil. It is a top ERP software solution in UAE that helps businesses accelerate their digital transformation with numerous tools and feature-rich modules that can be customized to align with your unique business requirements.

Get a 360-degree view into your business and real-time information 24/7, regardless of where you are, with our cloud-based ERP software. Get rid of information silos and bring all your critical data on a unified dashboard. This can be accessed by your employees when they need, empowering them with important information needed to make the right business decisions.

Tranquil is among the best ERP solutions available in the market today that allows you to run your business online completely and focus on revenue creation and business growth.

Tranquil offers you a suite of smart tools that help enhance overall productivity and efficiency, maintain compliance with regulations, and accelerate pan-organizational operations. It is the best ERP software solution in UAE that integrates all your vital business activities into one platform.

We offer secure, hassle-free login and provide role-based access to all your employees. The user interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate, eliminating the need for intensive training. Tranquil is an ERP software solution in Abu Dhabi that helps you to reduce wastage and get maximum ROI by providing real-time data at every phase of the production or sales process.


Inventory Management ERP Software

Inventory is the lifeblood of any business, and managing it properly is of vital importance. Maintaining optimal inventory could mean the difference between success and failure in business. Tranquil ERP provides multiple tools in its inventory management module that help you make accurate demand predictions, and calculate the ideal time and quantity to order. Configure the system to alert you when stocks reach the threshold level and place orders immediately to replenish depleting inventory, minimize or eliminate dead stock and inventory shrinkage, and enhance your bottom line.

Finance Management Software

Leverage enterprise-class accounting software to operate anything related to the financial accounting of your company. Our software handles multiple currencies, locations, and business verticals effortlessly. Track and analyze all financial data, including budgets, forecasts, expenditures, and transactions. Maintain compliance with tax laws, allocate costs appropriately, track profits, and manage your funds more efficiently.

HR and Payroll Management Software

Automate the human resource process end to end – from hiring and onboarding to evaluations, promotions, and exit interviews. Ensure that employees regardless of designation get paid in time; with automated payroll, you can eliminate errors. Track leaves, vacation days, overtime, and more. Manage all your employee data in one place, and save time and effort.

Project Management Software

Track and manage projects end-to-end, ensuring every task is completed in time, and within budget. Allocate resources appropriately, assign roles and responsibilities, and view data related to each job. Track cost for each job or project and calculate profitability appropriately.

Sales and Distribution Management Software

Leverage real-time data provided by order management software to enhance end-to-end sales processes and give your customers an exceptional buyer journey. Increase customer satisfaction to retain existing customers and gain new ones.

Procurement Management Software

Track your purchase orders, automate and streamline procurement procedures, and tightly control expenses related to material procurement. Manage your vendors and maintain detailed transaction history, credit limits, and more.

Asset Management Software

Track and maintain your physical assets and equipment from heavy machinery to office computers, auto-schedule their maintenance, lower repair costs, and improve operational efficiency. Maintain detailed records of assets that are stolen, lost, damaged, or retired.