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Tranquil ERP Solution in Qatar

If you are still struggling with clumsy worksheets and disparate databases to record and track your business data, you need to change your approach. What you need is ERP software – one robust solution that will eliminate information silos in multiple systems and integrate all your processes into one system. This will allow information to flow across your whole organization seamlessly.

Tranquil is a reputed ERP software solution in Qatar that automates and streamlines your critical business process like finance, sales, production, inventory, HR etc. to save you time, money, and effort, helping you improve productivity and efficiency across the organization.

It offers access to employees from all departments, improving communication and facilitating collaboration. Cloud-based ERP solutions like Tranquil provide access to employees from any device, whenever and wherever they want. There are stringent security protocols in place that ensure that access is granted after meticulous authentication, and only to such information as the employee’s role warrants. Employees are empowered with relevant, real-time information which can be used to make better business decisions.

It minimizes errors and simplifies the complexities of conventional ERP software, driving profitability and inspiring innovation across industries. It helps in making accurate predictions and provides data analytics and sophisticated reports that you can leverage to deliver improved customer service. Tranquil ERP is just what you need to gain a competitive advantage and forge ahead in a dynamic business environment.

Tranquil is a flexible ERP solution that can be customized to include functionality your business requires. It’s also scalable, and will comfortably handle additional transactions, products, employees, locations, and so on, as your business grows. It is a software built according to the way businesses function today, and how they are likely to operate in the near future as well.

Tranquil ERP is used by businesses in the following industries: manufacturing, construction, retail, oil and gas, finance, logistics, distribution, contracting, automotive, consulting, and rental.


Inventory Management ERP Software

It is critical to manage your inventory efficiently to avoid stockouts and excessive inventory. Stocking optimal levels of inventory items is essential for business success. Excessive stocks incur heavy expense in the form of warehousing, taxes, insurance, labour, utilities, etc. and run the risk of lying unsold for long. It also causes opportunity cost – the funds tied up in the inventory could have been used for more productive purposes. This module will help you avoid all these pitfalls.

Finance Management Software

Ensure precise recording and maintenance of financial transactions, eliminate fraud, and generate reports that help in making accurate forecasts. Ensure compliance with financial regulations and manage finances efficiently.

HR and Payroll Management Software

Automate and streamline all HR processes for smoother intakes and exits. Track all payments and deductions of employees and pay them on time without hassles.

Project Management Software

Budget each project, break down huge projects into smaller, achievable tasks, set deadlines, assign resources, and set roles and responsibilities. Log hours worked to calculate profitability by job, task, or project.

Sales and Distribution Management Software

Improve your sales process with this module that helps you analyse historical data, makes more accurate predictions, and allows you to tailor your customer messaging to give them an enriched experience. Happy customers bring in more sales and new customers too.

Procurement Management Software

Make your entire procurement process more efficient with automation; track purchase orders and control procurement expenses. Keep detailed records of vendors, transactions, credit limits, and more.

Asset Management Software

Assets need to be maintained properly and services at the right time to ensure efficient functioning, reduce repairs, and extend operational life. Track equipment that gets damaged, lost, or is decommissioned.