Software Built For General Traders

A Complete Accounting Solution which help to register all documents, accounting and management records, with a simplified to create complete documentary cycle which produced detailed and totally reports

<span>Tranquil ERP</span> for General Trading
Tranquil ERP for General Trading

Traders are an important link between manufacturers and the end users. As a business engaged in trading, inventory is the heart and soul of your business. It is what you spend most on, and what brings in your revenues. Managing inventory efficiently is of utmost importance, as is managing the supply chain, your warehouses, your orders, and your purchases. Everything revolves around the inventory – how you decide to purchase, how much to stock, when to order, which vendor to go to, and so on. Information is critical for success; Tranquil ERP software for trading helps you collect, organize, and analyze relevant and important information accurately and speedily. Conventional methods of managing the logistics and sales of the goods traded in are cumbersome and tiring. With our Trade Management ERP Software you can ensure greater efficiency, save time and money and accelerate business growth. Let’s take a look at the most important modules in Trading ERP software:


    Stay on top of every job from first contact to final invoice, and everything in between.


    Allocate and notify the right person for the right job, with a simple drag and drop.


    Take complete control of your inventory, no matter where it located.

  • Inventory, no matter where it’s located. PROJECT / JOB COSTING

    Track every project / job cost – labour, materials, expenses, supplier orders all in real-time.

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Tranquil General Trading

A trading business needs the most flexible and agile industry-specific trading ERP software solution to run a profitable business in a competitive market. Speed is the key to success in the trading business. Therefore, having a reliable ERP Software Solution for trading and distribution industry is mandatory for sustainability.

  • Inventory & cost control

    Using Tranquil Online Inventory management software you will get the real-time inventory data is to make good purchasing decision and reduce inventory costs. Companies should be able to identify non-moving, slow-moving stocks, purchase return and cash flow. Tranquil gives complete visibility on facts & figures to improve company performance.

  • Accounting

    Complete financial including General Ledger, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash & Funds Flow, Bank Reconciliation, PDCs etc.

  • Reporting

    Tranquil provides an in-depth data analysis and reports that will help you to analyze and measure your business performance and make quick and informed decisions.

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Order Management

This module allows you to streamline the process of placing orders. It can generate purchase orders and send them out to the correct vendor once you decide. Track the orders and ensure you get your products on time without delays.

Inventory Management

This is the most important function for your business, and hence our inventory management module offers a host of features that make your job simple. Track inventory levels of different items, and get notified when the stock of products goes below specific levels. Calculate reorder levels and quantities, work out how much and when to order, compare vendors and finalize to whom you want to order with, and a whole lot more with our comprehensive inventory management module. Get accurate forecasts of demand and plan inventory purchase accordingly.

Customer Management

Maintain detailed records of customers like contact details, past purchases, preferences, and so on. Analyze purchase behavior to craft tailor-made marketing messages and offers for them. Increase customer satisfaction and retain customers. Categorize customers based on their buying habits, set credit limits, and maintain effective communication to build strong relationships with them.

Financial Management

Exercise greater control over your finances, reduce expenses and maximize revenues with our financial management module. Track all your finances, and eliminate the possibility of fraud. Real-time visibility into your financial data helps you protect your money, and understand where it is going and where it is coming from. Safeguard sensitive financial information, and maintain regulatory compliance. Track accounts receivables and payables, ensure timely payments to avoid fines, and recover monies owed to you in time. Calculate your tax liability accurately and comply with local and international tax regulations. Make audits easy with accurate information that can be easily and securely accessed. Generate financial documents like a ledger, and statements like profit and loss account and balance sheet smoothly. Get valuable business intelligence that helps you make better and more informed decisions for the growth of the company.

Purchase Management

Maintain detailed records of vendors and your purchase history with them, including purchase orders, returns, quality checks, and so on. Evaluate suppliers on procurement cost, material quality, and time taken for delivery. By streamlining your procurement process, you can reduce the time taken, as well as the cost incurred on it. Eliminate errors that happen during manual data entry and maintenance, and simplify invoice processing.

Warehouse Management

Make your warehouse management streamlined and efficient with Tranquil ERP for trading. Identify the best storage and workflow arrangements, and track all inventory items to locate them quickly and easily. Keep track of what stocks are required at what time, and manage the supply chain better. Barcode integration and support for RFID tags makes it quick and easy to monitor products and identify which products are selling quickly, need to be replaced, are slow-moving, etc., and also speed up picking, receiving, and storing. The warehouse management module helps boost productivity while decreasing costs.

Supply Chain Management

This module helps to manage demand and purchase effectively with automation of goods transportation, warehouse management, and other supply chain activities.  Get real-time information and increased visibility into use of resources in production, and plan production jobs and delivery more efficiently. Streamline communication and connection with your vendors, and collaborate with them to achieve your goals. Eliminate bottlenecks, and ensure supply of materials when stocks are low. Data sharing also makes for quicker decision-making.

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