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Tranquil ERP Services in India

Tranquil is a comprehensive, customizable, cloud-based ERP solution especially designed for small and medium businesses who want an economical solution that will help them undergo digital transformation. Manual and legacy systems can slow down your workflows, increase costs and errors, be vulnerable to cyber threats, and impact your bottom line.

It is a reliable ERP software solution in India that is flexible, modular, scalable, and robust, with an intuitive interface that requires little training to master. Our team can easily add or delete modules so that the software is fully aligned to your business goals. Implementing Tranquil ERP software can help you automate and streamline your processes, boost productivity and efficiency, and fast-track your growth story. Our modules are packed with tools and features that let you do all of this and more.

Tranquil ERP accords 360-degree visibility into your business so that you know what is happening and where at any given time. It gets rid of siloed information, centralizing all data in a single, unified dashboard which can be accessed by employees round the clock, from wherever they are, and from any device of their choice. The login process is quick and hassle-free. Ready access to required information empowers employees to make effective business decisions.

As a leading ERP software solution in India, Tranquil protects your critical data with stringent security protocols. Role-based access is granted to team members after proper authentication to prevent misuse. With data being stored remotely, the chances of theft are low; and measures are implemented to protect the data there too.

Tranquil ERP is among the topmost ERP solutions in India that help you run your business online, freeing you and your team from mundane tasks and focus your attention on core business tasks that add real value.

Our software is suitable for a wide range of industry verticals. We have served industries like:

  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Oil and Gas
  • Energy
  • Logistics
  • Chemical
  • Automobiles
  • Contracting
  • Trading
  • Distribution
  • Construction

Modules of Tranquil ERP

Tranquil ERP comes with a suite of modules that are most important for businesses; they can be tweaked to suit your unique business requirements.

Inventory Management

Manage inventory efficiently with the smart tools provided, ensure continued production and fulfil customer demands while keeping carrying costs low. Get accurate demand forecasts, trigger reorder alerts, and avoid stockouts and obsolete inventory, and shrinkage. Know when what, and how much to order, maintain lean inventory and enhance efficiency and profitability.

Finance Management Software

Robust financial management and accounting software help you automate and streamline the process, saving time, money, and effort. Handle multiple locations, business verticals, and currencies with easel track and evaluate all financial transactions like expenditures, sales figures, budgets, forecasts, budget variations, and more. Calculate your tax liability and comply with tax regulations. Know your accounts receivables and payables, and make and receive payments in time.

HR and Payroll Management Software

From hiring to firing or retirement, the HR and Payroll module takes care of every stage of the recruitment process. Calculate payroll accurately and ensure employees are paid on time, every time. Record and monitor vacation days, sick days, hours worked, overtime, and so on. Record and maintain pan-organizational employee data in a single place.

Project Management Software

Efficiently track and monitor projects from start to finish to make sure that all deadlines and conditions are met. Break down complex projects into small, simple chunks. Assign roles and responsibilities, allocate resources according to priority, and track the progress to check if it is on track. Record and track cost for each job and task, and calculate expenses and profitability for the entire project.

Sales and Distribution Management Software

Receive orders and schedule them efficiently, accurately track shipping and invoicing, and manage your distribution chain to enhance profitability. Achieve optimal sales efficiency and prices, processing customer orders swiftly. Maintain market supply continuity by accessing critical information when you need it. Ensure deliveries are made in time and boost customer satisfaction.

Procurement Management Software

Streamline the procurement process for manufacturing and MRO inventory, and keep strict control over procurement costs. Manage vendors efficiently along with their detailed history of transactions, credit limits, etc.

Asset Management Software

From office equipment to manufacturing equipment, all physical assets can be tracked and maintained efficiently. Automate maintenance schedules, reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, and extend equipment life.