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Tranquil ERP Services in Bahrain

The primary aim of any business is to make profits; a major way of achieving that goal is to keep expenses as low as possible. Another thing you need to do is modernize and transform your business to streamline your processes and make your workflows faster and leaner. This will enable you to make smart decisions at greater speed. You can do all this and a lot more with Tranquil ERP software.

Tranquil ERP gives you real-time visibility into your business processes and data, empowering you and your employees with critical information whenever and wherever you need it. As a leading ERP software solution in Bahrain, it integrates smoothly with your other business systems to help you complete your digital transformation easily. You can free the time, money, and employees from mundane tasks, and divert them to critical ones. It allows you to change, innovate, and gain a competitive edge. With smart tools, accurate prediction, increased efficiency and productivity, you can take your business to the next level.

Tranquil ERP solution is reliable, competitively priced, flexible, and scalable. This means you can add new products, employees, locations, stores, and even currencies to your system, but it will scale and handle the additional workload efficiently. It is flexible enough to be customized to include specific functionality your business needs.

Tranquil ERP solution reduces the possibility of human error and fraud with automation and AI and speeds up data processing. It eliminates siloes and brings data from every department into a unified dashboard. As it can be accessed by every department, all your employees can be on the same page – no more chaos and confusion. This also fosters collaboration across teams, increases productivity, and enhances your bottom line.

As one of the top ERP solutions in the market, Tranquil is designed for the way businesses run today and will operate in the future as well. As it is deployed in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about waiting for updates and bug fixes; you get these as soon as we develop them – and we continuously work on improving our software.  There is no fear of your data being hacked into as it is stored on a remote server; access is granted to employees in a controlled manner. They can access information that is relevant to their roles and responsibilities, and only with proper authentication.


Inventory Management ERP Software

Avoid the pitfalls of over or under-stocking, with the accurate demand predictions from Tranquil. Stock optimal inventory, reduce costs, fulfil consumer demands, and set alerts for reordering stocks. The module will help you make all the essential calculations quickly and accurately.

Finance Management Software

Whether its tracking transactions, calculating taxes or handling international payments, this module will do it all quickly, accurately, and with no scope for fraud.

HR and Payroll Management Software

Hire and fire employees, and manage their leaves, salaries, appraisals, rewards, and more with this module.

Project Management Software

Set deadlines and budgets, allocate funds and people, and set responsibilities clearly. Track the cost of each task, job, and project to calculate your overall profitability. Ensure that projects get delivered in time.

Sales and Distribution Management Software

Streamline your sales and distribution process, and leverage BI to take better decisions that boost sales. Improved customer experiences help to gain new customers and increase profitability.

Procurement Management Software

Accurate predictions help you make better procurement decisions while the procedures are made leaner through automation. You can also maintain vendor details efficiently and reduce procurement costs.

Asset Management Software

Minimize expenses related to assets with proper tracking of their condition and automating maintenance schedule. Ensure optimal working conditions and increase their working life.