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Simplify your business with Tranquil ERP Software
without any paperwork, in one superior cloud solution.

Powerful business finance software - simple enough for small shops and comprehensive enough for complex multi-branch - that can support your needs today and in the future. As Tranquil is cloud ERP software, you have access to your business data anywhere, any time.

Our software helps simplify the planning of routes and monitors key metrics to boost productivity and sales. Real-time data helps in assigning accountability on the van executive with accurate inventory, sales, promotions, and more.

<span>Tranquil ERP </span>Software for Distribution Management
Tranquil ERP Software for Distribution Management

Managing inventory and replenishment efficiently across the supply chain is key to success in distribution. Demand-driven materials requirement planning along with the demand-driven model is the ideal solution to achieve efficiency in the distribution business.  It is helpful in tackling erroneous predictions and replenishing products and package materials based on actual use. 

Customers get service quicker, increasing their satisfaction and loyalty. With fast inventory turnover, there is less requirement for storage space.

  • Finance Software

    Powerful finance business software

  • Route Sales and Van Sales

    Application allows wholesale companies to sell directly to the end customers

  • Valuable for Conducting Sales

    Easily conduct sales on remote areas where service and demos are not easily available.

  • Optimize Supply Chain

    Ensuring the availability of goods, reducing inventory, and thereby, carrying costs.

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Inventory, Assembly & Warehouse

Efficiently manage your distribution process with system-wide inventory control and effective inventory management software - including real-time access to inventory in transit, available inventory, and inventory costs.

  • Multiple warehouses

    Using warehouse inventory management system you can manage location-specific inventory quantities, allocations and costs to manage multiple warehouses, and redistribute inventory from central warehouses as required.

  • Route Management

    Flexible and user defined routes by the administration team from the office including route planning, delivery, stock management, warehouse management and vehicle loading.

  • Accurate cost

    Warehouse inventory management help specify different valuation methods for different inventory items, and accurately track inventory holding costs and costs of goods sold.

  • Multiple Warehouses

    Using warehouse inventory management system you can manage location-specific inventory quantities, allocations and costs to manage multiple warehouses, and redistribute inventory from central warehouses as required.

  • Offers Operation-Wide Visibility

    Tranquil distribution software offers a bird’s eye view of all the steps in the distribution process, enabling you to visualize what works and what doesn’t. Implement measures to remedy the discrepancies quicker and prevent future problems.

  • Enhance Efficiency Of People And Process

    Process orders accurately and delivers orders in time, providing quality service and improving their loyalty. Reduce employee workload, and redirect their focus to more productive tasks.

  • Effective Demand Planning

    Access historical and real-time data, and predict what factors are likely to impact your distribution; this makes demand planning smoother. Prepare for potential financial issues, and look for ways to mitigate them.

  • Accurate Reporting

    Tranquil distribution inventory software gives you better visibility into your inventory, enabling you to take effective decisions, and compile data to generate timely and more accurate reports. Analyze complex data, and respond quickly to it.

  • Better Route Planning

    The software helps you to determine how much to load in each vehicle and creates optimized route plans to cover specific regions efficiently.

  • Inventory Management

    Accurately and easily track the van inventory at each point of sale to see how much inventory is sold and how much remains at the end of the day. With every sale, van inventory is automatically deducted, helping warehouse managers to update their records.

  • Field Sales CRM

    Empower van sales representatives with software that provides leads and lead management (nurturing them through the sales funnel) complete details of customers, helping them provide tailored product recommendations and build long-term relationships with them.

  • GPS Tracking & Adherence

    Get all details of the individual customers and retail stores the vans sell goods to, and make sure that they follow the mapped route, and that key metrics are being met by van sales representatives.

  • Billing & Accounting

    Simplify complicated payment collection with our user-friendly and transparent payment collection system, cash reconciliation, and invoice printing. Eliminate errors and the possibility of frauds with this automated system.

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