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Tranquil ERP Services in Kuwait

Regardless of which industry your business belongs to, if you are serious about growth, you need to streamline your business operations and become more productive and efficient. You also have to transform your business digitally with cloud-based ERP software like Tranquil as this will remove information silos and integrate your business systems. With most businesses adopting digital methods, you cannot afford to be left behind. If you have separate systems to handle your different functions, like accounting software, HR software, Production software, and so on, you are likely to have redundant data and spend unnecessarily on maintaining different systems. There are likely to be data entry errors, and you may find it difficult to generate reports. You also don’t have a single source of customer information. This means you can’t get a true overall picture of your business and its financial health.

Tranquil is a leading ERP software solution in Kuwait and it can help your organization automate and streamline its processes, enhance productivity and efficiency, and improve your bottom line. It gives you a competitive advantage over businesses that have legacy systems or disparate business software.

Tranquil is a flexible and scalable ERP solution, which means that we can customize it to include functionality that is essential for your business. It is also capable of handling increased business volume and scaling with your business.

We have designed our ERP software to be a perfect fit for the way modern businesses function, and how they are likely to function sometime later – it is future-ready. Tranquil integrates all your processes, centralizing data, and giving you 360-degree visibility into your business. Gain real-time insights into your business, and be empowered to take better decisions for your business. As it is powered by the cloud and stored remotely, your data is absolutely safe. Your employees can access it whenever they need critical information to close deals, make inventory decisions, or for any other purpose. Access is granted according to the roles and it is secured by authentication.

Industries we have served:


Inventory Management

Avoid excess or shortage of inventory, make accurate predictions, and use our smart tools to track inventory meticulously. Reorder at the right time and in the right quantity with the right vendor. Employ the best strategies and fulfil customer demands while keeping inventory costs low.

Finance Management Software

Automate all your financial records, and avoid errors and fraud. Handle multiple currencies, track payments, calculate taxes and comply with financial regulations.

HR and Payroll Management Software

Automate all HR functions, from onboarding to offboarding, along with their promotions and leaves. Streamline payroll function and ensure employees are paid correctly and in time.

Project Management Software

Break big projects into small tasks and set deadlines; assign finances, employees, and other resources, and track costs to determine profitability. Set milestones and measure performance using key indicators.

Sales and Distribution Management Software

Make your sales process leaner and more efficient, and track and analyse customer behaviour to deliver personalized services to boost sales. Streamline the distribution process and improve supply chain to avoid delays in delivery.

Procurement Management Software

Our procurement module helps you with accurate demand predictions, enabling you to make informed and improved procurement decisions. Negotiate for better terms and prices with improved purchase strategies.

Fixed Asset Management Software

Ensure that all your fixed assets are maintained properly to increase their performance and working life. Schedule regular servicing and checking to bring down repair costs.