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Tranquil ERP Services in Jordan

Still, relying on spreadsheets and manually entering data? Or are you chugging along with your legacy system, paying through your nose for maintenance? In addition to all of this, your data is vulnerable, is parked in silos, and your processes are likely to be slow. We have the perfect solution to get you out of this mess – Tranquil Cloud ERP! A modern, cloud-based ERP that is fast, reliable, economical, and super-efficient. It’s a flexible and scalable ERP solution; this means, it can be tweaked to include functionality your business needs and is designed to handle increasing volumes of entries and transactions as your business grows.

Tranquil is an ERP software solution in JORDAN that helps you transform your business, and make it lean, fast, and efficient. We have designed our ERP system to be future-ready – and not just for businesses of today. Get an ERP system that is built to be a fit for your industry, but can be customized to fulfil the specific needs of your business – whether you belong to the manufacturing, construction, retail, finance, or E-commerce industry.

Deployed on the cloud, Tranquil integrates smoothly with your other business systems and the way you work. Our ERP software has a user-friendly interface that can be operated by anyone without a technical background. It gets rid of information silos, bringing all of your data into a central dashboard which can be accessed by every department. Stringent security protocols ensure access to relevant information levels, protecting your critical data.

Tranquil ERP connects your business and facilitates seamless collaboration with cross-team workflows and shared information. It leverages the immense potential of AI to analyse your data and make precise predictions about future demands. Leverage the state-of-the-art tools and technology in Tranquil ERP and get real-time information that helps you take better business decisions. Fast track your success story and improve profitability with the best ERP software solution in JORDAN.

Our pricing options put customers in the driving seat; you only pay for what you use. ERP solutions like Tranquil help you save money in numerous other ways too. Divert much-needed finance to more essential purposes like R&D and marketing.


Inventory Management ERP Software

Predict demand with precision and stock optimal inventory of materials or finished goods. Diminish the possibility of inventory loss by theft or spoilage and avoid administrative errors. Optimal inventory stores let you fulfil consumer demand while diminishing carrying costs. Configure the system to calculate when and how much to reorder, and set alerts to notify you.

Finance Management Software

Reduce human effort and decrease errors and fraud with this module. Capable of handling multiple business verticals, geo-locations, and currencies, it is ideal for small businesses or large corporations. It helps calculate tax liabilities, tracks all transactions, and helps you comply with regulations.

HR and Payroll Management Software

From onboarding to offboarding and everything in between, this module can handle it all. Track hours worked, leaves, payments, and appraisals speedily and efficiently.

Project Management Software

Break up large, complex projects into manageable chunks, allocate resources, assign roles and responsibilities, and track expenses to measure profitability efficiently.

Sales and Distribution Management Software

Enhance your sales process by taking data-driven decisions and deliver improved customer experiences. Expand your markets and boost revenues.

Procurement Management Software

Streamlined procurement procedures help you manage vendors properly and keep a lid on procurement expenses.

Asset Management Software

Whether it’s office equipment or heavy machinery on the shop floor, ensure they are properly maintained and running in top condition at all times with automated maintenance schedules. Reduce expenses related to repair and replacement, and extend their operational life while boosting their efficiency.