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Simplify your business with Tranquil ERP Software
without any paperwork, in one superior cloud solution.

Powerful business finance software – simple enough for small shops and comprehensive enough for
complex multi-branch – that can support your needs today and in the future. As Tranquil is cloud ERP
software, you have access to your business data anywhere, any time.

     Finance Management
    Finance Management

    Get realtime cashflow, manage finances and be GST or VAT compliant.

     Sales & Distribution
    Sales & Distribution

    Keep track of your inventory and increase sales

     Procurement Management
    Procurement Management

    Track all your purchases, orders and receipts.

     Inventory Management
    Inventory Management

    Maintain your item inwards and deliveries from one place.

     HR (Payroll)
    HR (Payroll)

    Calculate salaries and generate payslips for employees.

     Asset Management
    Asset Management

    Track, maintain and report on equipments from anywhere.

     Project Management
    Project Management

    Manage your projects and costs.

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    Cloud erp software for trading and contracting companies

    From inventory management to order processing, from accounting and financials to manufacturing and distribution — TRANQUIL cloud ERP for small & medium business covers all aspects of your operations!

    <span>Powerful</span> Project Management​
    Powerful Project Management​

    Tranquil's Project / Job Module is the best way to manage a maintenance operation. One important feature of Project / Job management is the ability to identify and record the costs of labor and parts to complete repairs, including both preventive maintenance tasks and emergency repairs.


      Stay on top of every job from first contact to final invoice, and everything in between.


      Allocate and notify the right person for the right job, with a simple drag and drop.


      Take complete control of your inventory, no matter where it’s located.


      Track every project / job cost – labour, materials, expenses, supplier orders – all in real-time.

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    Inventory, Assembly & Warehouse

    A full-featured powerful inventory management system with purchasing and supply-chain tools. Enjoy real-time stock visibility and maximize control.


      Tranquil uses serial/batch numbers and expiry dates to track each item in your warehouse.


      No matter when the sale happens, inventory across all your retail stores and online channels get updated instantly.


      Increase your sales by offering more product combinations to sell using the bundling feature.


      Multiple Unit of measurement for a single product, user has the flexibility to maintain inventory in his choice of UoM.

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    <span>Inventory</span>, Assembly & Warehouse
    Purchasing, Receiving And Supplier

    Focus on quality, Build long term supplier relationship, understand your inventory carrying cost and negotiate constantly.

    For many organizations, projects and jobs involve coordinating the purchasing of materials and equipment. Buying materials at the right price, from the right vendor, with the right delivery capabilities can make or break a job. At Tranquil, we help you mitigate that risk with requisition, purchasing, and receipts of products fully integrated with financial inventory system.


      Create purchase orders, send them directly to suppliers and then copy to a bill or shipment.


      Get a complete snapshot of your suppliers details with a detailed history of transactions.


      Tranquil automatically populate list of items that reaches minimum level and converts it to Purchase orders.


      Accurate gross margin on every unit of stock using advanced landed costing options.

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    More Than Just Online Invoicing

    Quotes, Orders, Delivery, Invoicing, Returns and Customer Management

    Full-featured sales management tools with integrated online accounting and inventory management plus multi-currency support.


      Never miss a sale. Keep track of all your leads and opportunities optimally.


      Tranquil gives you the ability to review and process orders and invoice customers.


      Get a complete snapshot of your customers details with a detailed history of transactions.


      Create orders, ship products that are in stock, back order the rest from your suppliers.

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    <span>More Than Just </span>Online Invoicing
    Fully Integrated Accounting Module

    Manage finances and goods. Build analytics and reports.

    Powerful business finance software – simple enough for small shops and comprehensive enough for complex multi-nationals – that can support your needs today and in the future.

    Tranquil is GCC VAT complaint with hundreds of satisfied customers from small to large.

    <span>Fully Integrated</span> Accounting Module

      Advanced multi-level chart of accounts to classify your transactions correctly.


      Post/Unpost allows users to audit the finance transactions before effecting the finance.


      Handle expenses which are to be incurred in future but the amount has already been paid in advance.


      Keep track on a cost center allows you to managing expense and income efficiently.


      Avoid manual recording of tedious consistently incurring receipts or payments in single click.

    • VAT

      Automatically generate VAT return in one click and keeps track of how much tax received/owe.

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    Advanced Payroll

    For labor-intensive organizations, payroll is one of the most difficult administrative challenges.

    Tranquil Payroll Module, with the included Job Order Scheduler, makes intelligent Job Order crew assignment and crew scheduling a breeze. This will allows you to leverage your Job Order plan with employee Timecards with data you've already prepared with your Job Order Plan.


      Best-in-class workforce scheduling for complex scheduling challenges. Whether your workforce in office or spans multiple locations.


      By integrating time and attendance with centralized scheduling, your managers can see who’s scheduled, who’s clocked-in and who’s not.


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      With ready-to-go reports, your team can measure labor costs, scheduled hours, overtime, time cards, and other workforce information at a moment’s notice.

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    Human Resource

    Tranquil HR & payroll provides powerful reporting tools and analytics to prepare various MIS and statutory reports without any extra effort. What’s more, top management can directly get the information on demand without having to involve HR to serve them reports.


      Manage all employee data in one place allows inter departmental interaction and collaborative working.


      Tranquil multiple payroll features,allow you one-click payroll processing. Easy way to view, access, and print payslips.


      Pick up real time attendance data from your biometrics machine automatically and calculate leave,late coming, early going and overtime.


      Employees can easily access information related to payouts, leave request, documents, assets, personal dashboard etc.

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    <span>Human</span> Resource
    Customer Testimonials
    Vijay Moolan

    Director – Vijay Masala

    Since we have many branches across the Kingdom, managing the operations centralized was challenging task. Tranquil Software greatly improved our operation and a complete on-the-move management of our van sales and delivery activities.

    Sahel R. M

    Technical Manager – Ali Gashash

    After implementing Tranquil our operations and profits improved. As a business owner, I can tell you that the Return on Investment for the SME software has already been multiple times the cost of the system – and we haven’t even been using it for a year. Its a great system for sales and service management.

    Mahmoud G EL Deen

    Executive Manager – Tawasol

    Tranquil Inventory is synced across the retail and wholesale sides of the business, plus it means I can easily raise purchase orders, it automates stock adjustment, helps with stock take, and anticipates stock level issues.