ERP solutions that connect people and processes for increased profitability


ERP Solutions that bridge the gap between processes and profits

Finance Management, Inventory Management, Order Management, Manufacturing Management, Project Management, Asset Management, HR and Payroll Management

Tranquil Business Software Solutions

At Tranquil, we realize, that employees are the backbone of an organization. It is your employees who create business opportunities with their dedication and skill. It is essential that they feel valued, and appreciated. Investing in them pays rich dividends. Employees who are valued, are more imaginative and productive – which in turn benefits your business.

Business software from Tranquil delivers an outstanding user experience, accelerating your path to business success. Intuitive and flexible, and scalable, Tranquil ERP enables our customers to grow the business and usher in innovation without hassles. Users can gain access to the information they need, whenever they need, to make critical business decisions.

ERP Software Solutions for Your Industry

While our ERP solution can be used by businesses in any industry, our solution is especially valuable for manufacturers, thanks to our industry expertise, and customer-centric approach. We put the customer front and center and build the software around them. 

Tranquil can also be customized to fit the unique needs of your business. Our aim is to help you reach your goals. And we know that this can only be achieved through collaboration, conversation, and camaraderie that transcends time.  Explore Solutions from Tranquil and see what it’s capable of.

Business Requirements

Leverage our expertise with industry-centric software and our in-depth knowledge of business intricacies. Our team gains knowledge of your business and is committed to accelerating your success story.

Digital Transformation

We stay on top of emerging trends and technologies, incorporating them in our innovative solutions that transform your business and give you a competitive edge.

Business Functions

From Finance and Inventory to Production and HR, our ERP solution can handle all your business functions. Our bespoke solutions enhance productivity and performance, fast-tracking your growth story.

Business Processes

Automate and streamline your processes, and improve efficiency, remove hurdles, and deliver exceptional customer service with Tranquil ERP.

Manufacturing Types

Tranquil ERP is designed to be an optimal fit for your requirements, regardless of whether your operational environment is discrete, process, or mixed. Our tailormade manufacturing business models are designed to fit your manufacturing processes optimally.

A Versatile ERP Solution

For the last ten years, Tranquil has supported dozens of businesses from a range of industries to improve their processes – with a special focus on manufacturing and distribution industries. Our close ties with our customers have given us a deep understanding of our customer’s requirements. This enables us to craft innovative and effective solutions that help our customers to work more efficiently and succeed.  We believe in forging long-lasting bonds with our customers and getting them to be our advocates. After all, nothing succeeds like personal recommendations.

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