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Tranquil Consulting Services

Expert Guidance That Takes your Business to the Next Level

Optimize your ERP Investment with Tranquil: The Best in ERP Consulting Services

To streamline processes, reduce costs, enhance productivity, drive innovation, and boost profitability, you need a robust ERP solution. Change is hard – for individuals, and businesses, regardless of type or size. Tranquil ERP Consulting Services can guide you so that the transition to the new system is smooth and flawless, with minimal disruption of business.

We have over 10 years of experience in steering change management and facilitating better business capability with our next-gen ERP software. We study your specific business requirements, and goals.

We provide reliable advisory services that enable you to focus on delivering customer service and building more trust in the business.

Realize ERP Capabilities Rapidly with ERP Built for your Business

Dedicated ERP Project Management

  • We designate a dedicated project manager who will plan the implementation and migration of data. They will ensure that all the stakeholders are in the loop regarding the progress of the project and that there is effective utilization of resources throughout the implementation.
  • The implementation plan shows how your organization is structured, and the logical design of data, systems, hierarchies, and processes.

Adaptable and Personalized Approach

  • We offer different levels of service aimed at meeting your unique organizational and implementation requirements.
  • Choose the level of support you want to pay for depending on your budget and business needs, and we will provide the relevant project management service level.

Quality and Consistency

  • Tranquil is committed to following stringent quality standards set by our project management office in every implementation that we manage.
  • The office sees to it that there is consistency in every implementation and that it follows principles of industry best practices.
  • Regular, independent checks are performed to ensure that the customer receives the best service quality possible so that the success of the ERP implementation can be guaranteed.

IDEAL:  Implementation through Industry Best Practices

  • With IDEAL implementation, we offer an organized and scalable approach in phases, that comprise inputs, outputs, and activities defined at the outset. These combine to provide a solution that fulfils your goals and exceeds expectations.
  • Leverages our expertise and experience to derive real value for your business
  • Offers transparency and ownership of all our services
  • Judicious resource utilization reduces investment but maintains quality
  • Empowers the team to learn and utilize the ERP to achieve maximum ROI
  • Easily scales up or down as per the requirements of your implementation, and fits your operational capabilities.

Integrated, User Training, Reporting & Stationary Requirements

  • At Tranquil, we understand the importance of familiarity with the new system, and employee training is hence an integral part of the comprehensive project plan. When employees are well-versed with the new system without being rushed into it, the transition will be hassle-free.
  • In conjunction with your team, your project manager will formulate a realistic training plan in the initial stage of project planning.
  • Training sessions will be launched to focus on important functional areas like inventory management, procurement management, reports, finance, payroll, and so on.

The Best Advisory Services for your ERP Implementation

Poor implementation can render the best ERP solutions failures. While dealing with change and its complexities, you need to increase productivity, efficiency, and flexibility. To do that, you need the right tools that will help you visualize and simplify the complexities, and to review and revise operations from the bottom up.

At Tranquil, we have developed standardized practices for implementing ERP solutions on the basis of industry best practices, and our rich experience. We help your organization make a successful transition to the new system and realize rich rewards on your investment for the foreseeable future.

At Tranquil, we are Focused on Successful Outcomes

ERP is a software solution designed to help you do business better. Our consulting team focuses on successful business outcomes – rather than tech outputs. A robust ERP implementation team can help you transition smoothly and reduce your stress, freeing you to focus on value-creation activities.

Our implementation experts collaborate extensively with your teams to simplify the complexities of implementing the new systems. IT and business work cohesively to derive true value from your ERP investment, and to help you enjoy its benefits for years to come.


Our consultant team will guide you with regard to the tech-heavy aspects of your Tranquil ERP implementation. Data migration, testing business processes, walkthrough considerations, timely deployment, staying within budget – we will hold your hand through all these factors.

Financial Consulting

Our experienced team will guide you regarding the financial outlays that you may be required to make.


Our industry-certified project managers keep you in the loop at all times and make optimal use of project resources, helping you unleash the potential of Tranquil ERP in the shortest time. Leverage our team’s expertise and ensure best practices are followed during implementation and migration from legacy systems.


Without proper training, your employees may resent or reject the new system. Familiarizing employees with all the aspects of the new system is critical to its successful adoption. Training is therefore an important element of implementation, and not optional.

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