Implement ERP Software in Saudi Arabia

Implement ERP Software in Saudi Arabia

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is through a colossal transitional phase ‘Saudi Vision 2030’. As a part of this goal several reforms are being carried out; Implementation of value-added taxes (VAT) from 1st January 2018 is one of them. From then on it is mandatory for all companies doing business in Saudi to keep all its financial and accounting statements/reports up to date.

Tranquil Business Software can help small and medium businesses to migrate a cost effective ERP solution specially developed for Saudi Arabia.

Any company small or medium needs to focus on its core competency and work towards achieving the business goals for which they have ventured into. Small/medium sizes companies should leverage their resources intelligently as the greatest challenge for them is lack of adequate finance and manpower. So deploying ERP software for their routine cores like accounting, sales, inventory, human resource management, customer relation managements, etc is a must.

Now the basic question is does a small/medium size company need ERP software to do business successfully? Below are few questions for which if the answer is ‘YES’ then you need ERP software.
  1. Is completing routine task difficult in your business?
  2. Are process and procedure followed in functioning of your business taking a lot of time?
  3. Are you still using manual ledgers and book keeping in your accounting and finance operations?
  4. Are you using excel or other data tools extensively for your daily data operations?
  5. Does generating reports take a lot of time rather than just a click of a button?
  6. Are there proper checks by authorized person at the right stage of your business operations?
  7. Does your business system support business intelligent like online, web or mobile apps?
  8. Does your software have support and up-gradation option if your business grows?
  9. Are your customers complaining about your services?
  10. Are you losing business because of your inability to keep pace with your competitors?

Tranquil ERP software’s is web based and on cloud, which makes it very cost effective. Highly sophisticated ERP software can be used as SAAS (Software as a service), that come at a very low price plainly as low as the cost of using a monthly internet connection. The best part is you can choose and customize the application/module required for your business and automate the functions and operations as per your specific need.  So no business is too small for ERP software.

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