How Cloud-ERP software helps Saudi businesses ?

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ERP is an integrated system of a company’s information from all departments, processes, operations, etc. The aim of any ERP software is to have one integrated system for the entire company that supports all of its business processes and operations including accounting, marketing, manufacturing, human resources, and so on.

Considerable amount of resources are required for planning, training, and implementation of a sophisticated ERP system in a company. But with CLOUD-based ERP system even a small/medium size company can adopt a sophisticated ERP system with literally no/minimal resources or with only a fraction of the cost.

Accounting is often referred to as ‘the language of business.’ simply because it presents the information needed to evaluate a company’s financial status. This means ‘accounting’ can be defined as a system that interprets financial information by measuring and summarizing business activities, which helps the management in decision making. But a small/ medium size company need to focus on its core business activity and will not have enough resources to manage accounting activities professionally. Hence the solution is Cloud-based accounting ERP, which enables taking data off of paper and out of spreadsheets and into the cloud. Where it can be efficiently tracked and evaluated and put to use answering business mission-critical questions. Cloud-based software simplifies your manual workflow, eliminates errors, and helps your employees to focus on your core business initiatives that make money for your company. Finally the Cloud-based accounting ERP simplifies complex processes by automation and greatly reducing the need to spend time on the mundane.

Advantages of Cloud-based ERP:

  1. Affordable with low over head costs. Best suited for small/medium sized companies where cost is the primary concern.
  2. Accessibility anytime-anywhere with any device is the key to success in today’s age of business. Cloud enables the same without a glitch.
  3. Collaboration among all increases the overall efficiency and productivity.
  4. Scalability of software, hardware or new technology can be done seamlessly as the business grows. It can also be done quickly as and when required without over spending or wastage of resources.
  5. Security of data is of utmost concern for any company, cloud vendors have the best secure technology available.