Why Tranquil is One of the Most Trusted ERP Solution Providers in GCC?

Why Tranquil is One of the Most Trusted ERP Solution Providers in GCC?

The world is getting increasingly digitized by the day, and today you have software for almost everything under the sun.

Businesses of all sizes use software to help them manage their accounting, HR, or sales functions.

One of the best solutions for businesses, however, is Enterprise Resource Planning software.

ERP software gives you a 360-degree visibility of your business, simplifying operations management.

One of the most popular and trusted ERP software providers in the GCC region is Tranquil.

With over 150 customers served for more than one decade, Tranquil has established its presence and carved a niche for itself in the GCC region as one of the most effective and reliable ERP solutions.

Let us see why…

Tranquil ERP integrates disparate systems, bringing every business function in a central location, with all information stored in a single database.

By getting rid of siloed information, ERP software collects real-time data and offers access to relevant personnel, empowering them with information that helps them make the right decisions.

ERP streamlines and automates time-consuming and cumbersome activities, improving accuracy, and saving time and effort.

It also frees your employees from routine tasks and allows them to focus on more value-adding tasks that are essential for business growth.

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Tranquil ERP helps a business to streamline their business functions

Tranquil ERP helps a business to streamline their business functions and offers other advantages:

  • Collaboration – Tranquil ERP facilitates improved collaboration and communication between departments, empowering teams with information needed to close deals and take decisions to benefit the business
  • Visibility – You get a comprehensive and in-depth view of all your business data, giving you actionable insights for more informed, effective decision-making.
  • Demand Forecasting – Accurate forecasts of demand that help in more effective planning. Historical data, current trends, and customer behavior are some of the factors considered.

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  • Time Saving – It increases operational efficiency across the organization, saving time, and benefitting all stakeholders.
  • Customer Service – Enables you to deliver enhanced customer service, helping you improve customer satisfaction, retain customers, and tap into new markets.
  • Cloud-based – Tranquil is driven by the cloud, and that grants you a great deal of security, and reduces your expense as you don’t need to invest in any additional hardware. It also means that you can view information whenever you need it, regardless of where you are, without waiting to get to your workplace.
  • Mobility – With our mobile app available for both Android and iOS platforms, your teams can access critical information on the go, on their mobile devices, whenever they need to.

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  • Scalable – Our solution is designed to scale so that when your business grows and you add more products, employees, locations, or currencies, it will handle the load with ease.
  • Affordable – Though Tranquil ERP provides all the features that leading ERP software provides, it is economically priced, making it affordable for small and medium businesses too.
  • User-friendly – We believe in keeping things simple. Our software is user-friendly and you don’t need to be a tech wizard to learn how to use it.
  • Training – Our team will help your employees with training in the form of videos, webinars, documentation, online lectures, and in-person training sessions.


Tranquil Modules

These are the ERP Modules that Tranquil BS Provides:


With Tranquil, you can automate and streamline all HR functions from hiring to firing and everything in, between, calculate wages accurately, track appraisals, leaves, performance issues, and more.

Project Management

You can easily break down the project into manageable chunks, and allocate the requisite resources to each task and job.

By setting deadlines and milestones, you can track the progress, and ensure that the project is completed on time.

Expense management is simplified, and you can easily budget each project, each phase, and each task within each phase.

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Finance is the lifeblood of any business; and it’s imperative that it is managed properly.

Our Finance and Accounting module helps you analyze financial data, set and maintain budgets, forecast demand, track transactions and expenses, and anything else that is related to financial accounting.

You can ensure comply with financial and taxation regulations, keep track of your profits, and manage your funds and cash flow efficiently.


Ensures optimal inventory holding so that there are no stockouts, production stoppages or delayed shipments, or overstocking which causes dead stock and high carrying costs.

Define reorder levels and set alerts to notify you when stocks reach those levels to place orders for replenishment.

Asset Management

Tranquil ERP allows you to monitor and track all assets throughout their life cycle.

You can schedule maintenance, and maintain records of their purchase, servicing, disposal, repairs, and so on.

You can also track your assets as you transfer them between projects, departments, or locations.


This module helps you to streamline your procurement strategy and operations, and make sure that you buy the right material or product from the right vendor at the right time and at the right price.

Sales and Distribution

Tranquil optimizes the supply chain and ensures availability of goods.

It also lowers inventory, and carrying costs, and helps you craft smart strategies to boost sales.

You can service customers quicker, boosting their satisfaction and loyalty.

Thanks to fast inventory turnover, you need lesser storage space.

Tranquil inventory and distribution management application allows wholesale companies to sell directly to the end customers through route and van sales.

Other Features of Tranquil

Img 1

Tranquil ERP is widely used by businesses in the following industries: manufacturing, construction, general trading, contracting, manpower supply, finance, distribution, rental companies, retail, logistics, oil and gas, chemical, automobile, and power.

Small and medium businesses, enterprises, and government agencies prefer ERP and other business solutions from Tranquil.

Service-providing businesses can especially benefit from Tranquil with the features of automated scheduling and assigning of tasks, eliminating delays in customer service.

Tracking timesheets and expenses are super easy with Tranquil, and helps in preparing and presenting invoices efficiently and accurately.

From simple installations to the construction of complex projects, Tranquil can make life easy for you with it’s wide functionality and application.

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As Tranquil ERP is widely used in the GCC region, it supports both Arabic and English languages.

We have a presence in over eight countries including India.

At Tranquil, we provide round-the-clock live tech support to our customers via phone, email, and live as well.

The platforms supported are Android, iOS, SaaS, and on-premise.

Tranquil ERP integrates with many third-party applications to make it easy for your business.

The chief integrations possible are Azure Industrial IoT, WooCommerce, and Azure App Service.

Every software provider offers a free demo – and so do we, but we go one step further, and offer a free trial as well.

This allows you to see it working and actually experience the benefits.

We are sure that once you actually understand how it improves your business functions, you will be eager to implement Tranquil ERP in your business!

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We have an experienced team of professionals who can make the necessary tweaks in the software to include functionality that is essential for your business.

While we don’t recommend over-customization, Tranquil is flexible enough to undergo minor changes to suit your unique business needs.

Tranquil ERP can help you achieve your goals faster and in a more efficient manner.

In fact, by implementing this solution, you can radically transform your business and make it leaner, simpler, and more profitable.

Our ERP solution is futuristic; meaning it is designed to endure, and to handle business requirements in the near future as well, and not merely for today.

It is extremely secure, and uses multiple security protocols and layers to ensure that only authorized personnel get to access sensitive business information.

Access is granted based on roles and responsibilities after multi-factor authentication.

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Artificial intelligence is embedded in the software, and it helps in data analysis and accurate forecasting that help you make more informed business decisions, to accelerate your growth and profitability, gain a competitive edge, and become a major market player.

Flexible pricing options allow you to pay only for what you use, so that you have adequate funds for critical activities like research and development, and can innovate to stay ahead of the competition.

As it is deployed in the cloud, it offers multiple advantages of not requiring additional hardware, lower expense, more security, and getting updates and bug fixes quickly and seamlessly.

We are sure you are inclined to believe us no when we say that Tranquil is one of the most trusted providers of ERP software in the entire GCC region. You can also check what our customers are saying about us here. Don’t you think there are plenty of reasons to trust Tranquil ERP? Well, as we mentioned earlier, we provide a free demo as well as a free trial. They say that the proof of the pudding lies in eating it. So, don’t just take us at our word, see our solution in action!

Ask for your free demo, and we will be happy to explain in detail how it all works. If you’re still not convinced, we will give you a free trial as well. Our representatives will be on hand to answer your queries.


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